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Biotechnology Firms

Your innovative financial partner dedicated to the success of your biotech business

As a biotech innovator, you use technology and R & D to advance the life sciences sector. Our firm uses deep experience in the financial management of biotech businesses and trusted advice to ensure that your innovation cycle is solidly funded and your company is prepared for growth.

Our firm understands the unique nature and challenges of the biotech industry and how to manage them in every aspect of your financial operations. From day-to-day accounting and tax preparation to financial management and strategic planning, our experts can free you to focus on your core functions while handling all of the specific compliance requirements and regulations related to biotech accounting for you.

JLP CPAs have experience in government grant reporting including NIH, DCAA, and other SBIR grants. This grant reporting and drawing on grants is very unique in nature and requires detailed project cost accounting to continue to remain in compliance with government funding requirements.

In addition, JLP CPAs works with biotech clients in their efforts to attract outside investor capital as they grow their business. We have even taken a biotech startup through the IPO process and are experienced in the modeling and budget forecasting that is necessary for these high growths and erratic cash flow businesses. 

The right financial foundation is essential at every stage of a biotech business, so whether you are operating a start-up organization and need additional capital and investors or you have an established organization that can benefit from streamlining its financial operations and maximizing all available strategies for minimizing your tax burden, our firm is dedicated to partnering with you for long-term success.

Let our experienced biotech accounting and financial management team help your company achieve the next level of growth and build a strong foundation for success. Contact us today.

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