Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeons Top Focus: Practice Management, Software & Patient Experience

Has your plastic surgery practice been up and running for years, or are you getting ready to open the doors to your practice? No matter where you are in the process, the team at JLP CPAs is here to help! Our team of healthcare accountants has put together some of the top areas for private practices to focus on.

If you are just starting up your practice, there are many decisions to be thinking about. From staffing numbers to choosing your location, you want to make sure you are thinking your decisions through. By starting small with limited staff and leasing some equipment, you can begin to gauge your clientele to see what procedures are most popular and profitable (and therefore what medical equipment you’ll want to invest in for your practice.) ModMed gives more ideas on what to consider when starting a private plastic surgery practice in their recent blog

And for those whose practices have been around for a few years, you still may have new things to learn. Running a private practice is still on the rise, for many reasons. The cost of seeing a private practice surgeon can often be lower without service and other fees, and often the patient care experience is of higher quality. 

In this blog post, we are sharing why electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management systems (PMS) can take a huge weight off your shoulders and provide you with new reports and information you never thought to look at before. The data these systems provide to your practice and help you make sound business decisions to truly grow your private practice in the most profitable ways.  

Electronic Medical Records Make a Difference

Investing in Electronic Medical Record software no matter what size your practice is one of the best investments you can make for your private practice. When using an EMR system, all of your patient's information can be pulled up in seconds. From scanned images and diagnostics to signatures and emails, all of the information on each patient is stored together on the software, ensuring no information is ever misplaced or filed incorrectly. 

Did you know EMRs can actually help you lose fewer client leads? When using an EMR system, you can schedule follow-up messages to be sent to potential clients with additional information about you and your practice. This follow-up process takes away the manual work on your end by automating steps in the follow-up process which keeps your prospects at the front of your practice’s mind while improving their patient experience.

And while new patients are an important part of growing your practice, don’t forget about the patients you have had for a while too. Electronic Medical Records can help you maintain relationships with them too through automated messages and reminders.

EMRs and Practice Management Systems Go Hand in Hand

Now that you’ve learned the benefits of an Electronic Medical Record system and how it can benefit your practice, it’s time to talk about Practice Management Systems and how together, they can make your practice run smoother than you ever could have imagined.

Do you dread making appointment reminder calls every week? Through a Practice Management System, you can automate reminder calls and emails, scheduling future appointments and send reminders to your patients that it is time for them to have a check-up. Other features include the ability to create your own email campaigns, store electronic signatures and collect co-pays. The ability to quickly access all of your files (and never misplace them again) will help you feel more on top of your patient’s information while helping you improve the patient experience. 

Utilizing a Practice Management System is one way you can help your private practice stand out from others, by letting your patients feel more involved in their healthcare decisions.

Keeping Your Patients Engaged

Keeping your patients engaged in their journey with your office can help give them a better experience, which in turn can provide positive online reviews and recommendations for your practice. Through many Practice Management System platforms, patient engagement opportunities are far and wide.

In addition to appointment reminders, a PMS can allow your patients to schedule their own appointments, take surveys your practice sends out and reduce redundant forms during the check-in process. In the virtual heavy world, we are living in today, patients can also meet with you through a PMS telehealth appointment. Patient engagement should be a priority at your practice, and ModMed shares more on why that is along with some recommendations.

Are you ready to find the Electronic Medical Record or Practice Management System software that best meets your practice’s needs? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular software solutions and what their highlights are:

  • Nextech - Nextech gives you the ability to customize your EMR templates, along with bidirectional e-prescribing. They also have a mobile app so you can access your patient’s records at any time and your patients have a mobile app, too!

  • ModMed - From billing and collections to streamlined document management, ModMed helps you stay in control and gives you more visibility to what is happening at your practice. 

  • ChartLogic - ChartLogic uses voice dictation to add notes to patient files and help prevent claim issues before they occur.

Managing Insurance & Financials 

In the world of plastic surgery, dealing with insurance providers can often be challenging. Since a majority of procedures are considered cosmetic or reconstructive, insurance companies won’t always accept the claims or if they do, you have to jump through many hoops to do so. The claims you submit can be confusing and challenging, so they aren't always accepted initially by the insurance company. Our friends at Capture Billing have some of the expertise needed to clean these claims off and get you the money you earn. Consider contacting them for assistance with your claims filing. 

As much time and attention to detail that you give to each patient and every procedure, you should also be giving to your finances and practice management. The team at JLP CPAs is here to help private practices just like yours be successful and profitable. Our team can review and analyze your plastic surgery practice's daily activities, business processes, financial information and partner with you to develop the business plan that makes sense for your practice, so you can make informed decisions for your practice's future.