The ultimate Halloween trivia quiz

set of various age children sitting and standing on steps in halloween costumes and surrounded by halloween decorations

Forget the standard Halloween quizzes—this trivia will truly test your knowledge of this holiday. See how well you do, then test your family and friends to see who can claim bragging rights as the Halloween trivia champ!

  1. What is the name of the Celtic harvest festival that many people believe Halloween is based on? 

  2. What is a hallow? 

  3. In what year will the next full moon occur during Halloween? 

  4. What item is banned only during Halloween from 12:00 a.m. October 31 to 12:00 p.m. November 1 in Hollywood, California? 

  5. What popular fall festival activity did the Romans bring to Britain when they invaded? 

  6. The word Halloween is a contraction of what Christian holiday? 

  7. In the correct spelling of Halloween, where is the apostrophe placed? 

  8. In what two countries was “guising” the tradition of dressing up in costumes, and going door-to-door for food or coins for Halloween most popular? 

  9. When people go house to house while “souling,” what do they ask for? 

  10. In what country was the first written account of children using the phrase “trick or treat” on Halloween? 

  11. In what decade did trick-or-treating as we know it today start gaining popularity in America? 

  12. What were the original jack o’ lanterns made from?

  13. The round orange pumpkins that are used for most jack o’ lanterns today are native to what continent? 

  14. What kind of candy is the SECOND most popular Halloween candy? 

  15. In the USA, how many pieces of candy are most commonly handed out to trick-or-treaters? 


1. Samhain (pronounced SAH-win or SOW-in)   2. A saint or a holy person   3. 2020   4. Silly String   5. Bobbing for apples 6. All Hallow’s Evening (All Hallows’ Even), a.k.a. All Hallows’ Eve, All Saint’s Eve, Allhalloween   7. Between the two e’s: Hallowe’en 8. Scotland and Ireland   9. Soul-cakes (small round cakes that are baked to commemorate the dead)   10. Canada   11. The 1930s 12. Turnips   13. North America   14. Candy corn (Chocolate dominates first place by a wide margin)   15. Two

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